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D E S I G N E R, A R T I S T I C D I R E C T O R, J O R Y E L V E R A

An American designer for the American woman…
Jewelry is the companion to pleasure, enjoy your experience. I believe women see and feel differently wearing jewelry.

Joryel Vera Collections mission is to manufacture high quality silver jewelry staying true to his own artistic direction and daring to be affordable. Joryel has been a designer and manufacturer of 9.25 silver jewelry for 26 years, taking the road less travelled designing silver jewelry that is artistic and simple using unique combinations of color gemstones and contrasting metal finishes. Finding the subtle balance between the traditional and contemporary making for jewels that are extraordinary! A work of arts apparent simplicity is definite proof of its grace.
"QUALITY and VALUE at a fair price"
If contemporary and designer jewelry interest you come visit the retail jewelry store at:
3020 N.E.32nd Ave, Ste 107 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308
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